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Japanese gadgets, devices & inventions

The Japanese have always been known for their technology, even before the West came over. In its past, Japan has always had a good grasp of technology coupled with their economy. With the advent of Western technology and technology transfer which they put to good use, they are now known today as one of the world's most advanced nations.

Where before the stamp ‘Made in Japan’ only inspired less confidence, today a ‘Made in Japan’ stamp is indicative of high quality and workmanship. Proof of that is today, Japan is a leading exporter and manufacturer of goods such as computers, laptops, handhelds, consoles, automobiles, etc.

With that in mind, they've given themselves the leeway to explore and invent unique devices that only the Japanese could do. While most of their inventions and gadgets inspire surprise outside of their country, it is more than fair to say that the Japanese put their creative minds to a lot of use.


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